change.jpgCHANGE - Area of Study

An Area of Study is the exploration of a concept that affects our perceptions of ourselves and our world. In this unit we will explore, analyse, question and articulate the ways in which perceptions of the concept of changing perspectives are shaped in and through a variety of texts.
The object of this unit is for you to engage with a wide range of texts to develop an understanding of how the concept “Changing Perspectives” is represented.
This includes: Examining closely the qualities of texts to learn how meaning is constructed; identifying and exploring connections between, and among, texts to learn how explicit connections between texts develop the meaning of the concept “changing perspectives” and; cultural positioning and the effect of context on meaning of the concept “changing perspectives”.
  • close study of one text
  • responding to and composing a wide range of related texts
  • making connections between texts and the area of study
  • synthesising aspects of a variety of texts
  • presenting coherently integrated interpretations of the concept.